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An explanation movie for “Magnesium-based energy cycling” was published on YouTube. It explains advantages of magnesium as “energy-currency” and experiments of solar-pumped-laser and magnesium-engine. Laser is transmited via an optical fiber on the experiment.
Please watch it!

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On Februaty 8th, a special topic of WBS, a TV news program in Japan, was “Magnesium”.
They introduce Magnesium as next-generation energy.
You can watch the special topic “Magnesium” from the following link. (Spoken in Japanese)

staff on 2009/12/29 13:46
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An article “An economical “Solar-pumped laser” produces ultra high temperature” shows that solar-pumped-laser realized ultrahigh-temperature which is impossible with simple concentration of sunlight.
The following movie is an experiment of solar-pumped-laser at Tokyo
Institute of Technology in January 2009. Output of laser was 50W. It can drill a hole on a 0.1mm-thick stainless plate easily.

The next movie shows deoxidation of magnesium oxide with
solar-pumped-laser. You will see the smoke from MgO at the instance
when the laser is correctly focused. The output is not enough for commercial smelting, but deoxidation itself is possible.

staff on 2009/12/24 09:36
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An article “Magnesium can be burned at power generation plants” explains that the reaction between magnesium and water generates heat and the hydrogen generated from the reaction can be burned to produce high-temperature, high-pressure steam.
The following movie shows an experiment of magnesium engine at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2006.
When 2mm-granular magnesium is mixed with water, it becomes muddy fuel. We can throw the fuel into an engine continually and burn it easily.

staff on 2009/12/22 11:30
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An article “Can a laser smelt magnesium?” explains that laser can evaporate the surface layer of the powder of magnesium oxide, and extract metal magnesium.
The following movie shows the moment that magnesium oxide vaporizes with laser for 0.5sec (1/60 high-speed videography). When magnesium oxide vaporizes in an instant, evaporated materials rise vertically. Therefore we can extract specified elements easily.
30% of collected materials are magnesium oxide, and 70% are metal magnesium. It means we can get 70% pure magnesium with laser smelting. 70% is enough for fuel. By comparison, purity of magnesium with Pidgeon method is 80% at the first stage, and then refinement process makes it purer.