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On March 8th, NHK World broadcasted “Magnesium enegy cycle” in their news program.

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On Februaty 8th, a special topic of WBS, a TV news program in Japan, was “Magnesium”.
They introduce Magnesium as next-generation energy.
You can watch the special topic “Magnesium” from the following link. (Spoken in Japanese)

staff on 2010/02/06 15:05
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“The Maginesium Civilization” becomes iPhone app! You can download it from the following URL.

MgCiv (AppStore)

You see articles, YouTube movies and tweets of “The Magnesium Civilization” easily with this app.


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November 24, 2009 – NEDO (Geothermal Energy Development Department) announced that SAITEC (Saitama Industrial Technology Center) developed positive electrode material for magnesium-ion secondary battery. You can read the press release here (written in Japanese).
The following is quotation from the press release (tranlated by MgCiv staff).

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mgciv_book“Magnesium Bunmeiron (Magnesium Civilization)” (by YABE Takashi, YAMAJI Tatsuya) will be published from PHP-shinsho on Dec 16th.
(This book is written in Japanese.)

What is new energy that takes the place of fossil fuel? 60% of Japan’s land will be covered with solar cells if demand for energy in Japan is supplied just with them. Underground will be filled with Hydrogen tanks in Hydrogen society. There is not enough Lithium for EVs. Moreover, electric energy will have to be increased up to 150% of the present time to supply demand of water in the world by 2025.
“Magnesium-based energy cycle” is a solution for these problems.

Contents of “Magnesium Bunmeiron (Magnesium Civilization)”

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staff on 2009/12/09 23:08
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“The Magnesium Civilization” opens!
This site provides information about “Magnesium-based energy cycling” vision which Prof. Takashi Yabe (Tokyo Institute of Technology) proposes.